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Forms – Quote Request for custom products and Feedback

Hi, the whole intention of starting this business is to see how we can save some money together. To take this one step further, we wanted to offer a unique opportunity. If you like a product from your research and want us to give you a quote even if it’s not listed on our website, we will be glad to do a bit of research and get back with a qoute or even if we couldn’t source it, we will give our feedback. Please use the below form to submit your request and we will typically get back to you in 48-72 hours by email.

Note: Offering this service to have a better and consistent interaction with customers. This would no way mean, we give a 100% gaurantee on the quote. We will check all our resources and will reach out to others and see if we can source the product. If we cannot source the product, we will let you know.

Please fill out the below google form for a quote request:

Please fill the below form if you have feedback on your shopping experience or interaction with us