About Us

We are a small team from the same family who were of the opinion that we should be able to get all the decor and home products at a decent price without compromising on the quality. So we started to explore and after months of research, we figured, while there are reasons for some of the prices to be high, there are ways to get same/similar products at a decent price without compromising the quality. So, Here is our shot at doing what we thought we could achieve. While we might not be the cheapest in all the items we have listed, we try list the lowest possible while making enough to survive. Customer reviews/feedback is what we will use to build our manufacturers list and improve quality on the products.

Our intention is to bring as much variety as possible and make desi decor (religious and generic) available at great prices. If you are a group that would like to procure certain product, please reach out, depending on the quantity, we might be able to source the product. We will work with you to provide a pricing and delivery time quote before the actual process begins.

We carefully select our manufacturers/wholesalers based on various parameters including their reputation in the respective countries and how their products rate etc. We won’t buy any cheap products just to sell. If any of our products do not meet that quality, they are not coming back to the store again. This is a genuine effort from our side to provide good quality products at decent prices.

Please feel free to reach us using our email – customerservice@kreativeeyehome.com or by whatsapp/Facebook messenger by clicking on the respective icons below.

Product Sourcing – We source our products from India (mostly manufacturers), US (wholesalers) and UK (wholesalers/manufacturers).

Thank You, happy shopping.

-Kreative Home Team